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Odtojan Bryl Lawyers & Crown Group - Videos of the Exclusive Social Business Network Event - 14 Augu

On Thursday 14 August, Odtojan Bryl Lawyers and Crown Group hosted an Exclusive Social Business Network Event held at Crown V Parramatta, complimentary to guests.

Artworks from the Artem Bryl Collection was exhibited. Guests were serenaded with live music and entertained by a lively and colourful performance by the Sir & Lady Bollywood Academy.

Great prizes were drawn, including an Artem Bryl Artwork, and gift bags for each guest to take home. Guests had the opportunity to connect with like-minded business professionals/ individuals within the community.

Videos of the night can be viewed below.

1) Video Photo Collage.

2) Video Summation of the night.

3) Performance 1.

4) Performance 2.

Big thanks to Crown Group V Parramatta - Anthony Falas for taking on board Marie Odtojan's idea to hold an event at Parramatta. Also to Amelia Chu and Andry Christian for organising on Crown's behalf. And all crown staff that were present on the night. Special thanks to Juliana Jamal - Sir & Lady Bollywood for our entertainment, Suthagar Karunanithi our Photographer from BAVE, Glen Evans from The Salvation Army Australia (our charity: Salvation Army Community Welfare centre at 34 Smith Street Parramatta), Iain from Eckersley's Art & Craft Parramatta for supplying easels and our talented Artist, Artem Bryl for the exhibiton of artworks from the Art Bryl collection. We are grateful for all the support from our community, eager to participate and provide their services. We look forward to organise more events in the future.

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