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Sydney Metro Compulsory Acquisition of Land

Are you affected by the Sydney Metro acquisition?

No matter whether you are at the initial stage, determining an offer from the government agency, have progressed to the Valuer General (VG) determination for compensation, have agreed to an offer (but yet to finalise the documents) or have a dispute, we are here to help to give advice, negotiate and/or review the the proposed settlement with the aim to maximise your compensation and protect your rights.

Under the legislation, legal fees and valuation reports are included in the determination of compensation. This enables those affected by the acquisition to obtain legal and financial services to exercise their rights and to maximise their compensation pursuant to applicable legislation.

Odtojan Bryl Lawyers has experience in dealing with such matters, with Sydney Metro and the Valuer General and we have achieved in increasing the compensation amount from what was initially offered by Sydney Metro.

Note: This post is not to be taken as legal advice.


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