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Fraud on Court / Administration of Justice Offences - highest form of violation committed in courts.

The article provides a succinct summation of 'Fraud on the Court', the Australian equivalent of 'Administration of Justice Offences', the highest form of violation committed in the court system.

Such an important topic is hardly discussed within the Australian legal industry. These violations, though rare, do happen and there are those that have used our court system as their modus operandi to commit fraud on the courts and obtain illegal judgments.

An Australian publicly listed company, Credit Corp, uses its incorporated law firm such as Certus Partners, and its external legal supplier, a national law firm, Piper Alderman, to commit such violations in court.

In doing so, they breach statutory obligations, circumvent legislation, stunt the common law development of the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 (NCCPA 2009), and evade Cth penalties defrauding the Commonwealth and the public.

Our court system is extremely vulnerable to such violations and the consequences are detrimental to the integrity of the courts and the legal profession. The impact of such violations is cancerous, undermining the entire legal system.

OBL Principal has been dealing with such violations for many years making reports for the protection of the Australian community, the integrity of the courts, and the legal industry.

Reports were made pertaining to Administration of Justice offences perversion of the course of justice, tampering with evidence, perjury, fraud, impersonation of legal practitioners, fraudulent accounts including trust accounts, and more.

Reports were made but not limited to the following:

1. The Office of the Legal Services Commissioner (OLSC - Mr John McKenzie);

2. The Professional Standards Board in the NSW Law Society;

3. The Office of the Attorney General of NSW (Mr. Mark Speakman);

4. The Governor General of NSW (at the time - Mr. Peter Cosgrove);

5. ICAC (Mr. Peter Hall SC).

None of the reports has been investigated to date. Evidence has been ignored and those reported never had to answer to the reports made against them.

Mr McKenzie of OLSC made deliberate false representations in office falsely stating under the OLSC cover letter that he had not received any evidence of any kind when he received a 102-page letter with references and approx. 1,000 pages of evidence including court documents.

Mr. Mckenzie/OLSC closed the report and made threats to the OBL principal for making such a report.

For public interest, we will bring light to these matters and will be calling those who receive said reports and did nothing to resign as not fit and proper people to be in office.

On a related matter, OBL Principal has recently filed three claims against NSW legal practitioners in the District Court of NSW (a Senior Counsel, a barrister, and a principal solicitor) raising allegations of fraud which include administration of Justice offences.


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